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About skrypt

If there is something incredibly annoying about cheating in games lately, it is the fact that the anti-cheat tools have become much more sophisticated, to the point where it's not even worth trying to cheat. Sure, you might last some time with other providers, however at some point in time the ban is inevitable. Certain games we primarily support are labeled as impossible to cheat in for a longer time.

Why aren't detections a thing with us?

Some claim their cheats as undetectable, while they surely do interfere with the game's memory in some way, even if it would be by some kind of intermediary — not directly, you will surely get banned at some point. Our client doesn't interfere with the game's memory in any way. It judges players by their behavior, not by the hitboxes/models. You can think of them as a completely isolated sort of application, as much as running a web browser would be while playing because a web browser doesn't influence the game's memory in a single way.

Others claim there is no such thing as undetectable. They were right. Until we came to the business.

skrypt is as external as an application running alongside of the game can ever be

Ways of cheating in online shooters

It all comes down to a decision. You can take different approaches while cheating in an online shooter. Either you so called rage-cheat — to annoy, to troll, to show-off — whatever the reason might be, you will be banned and in most cases it's going to be by an admin, since rage-cheating is just obvious. If the game had had even a single admin and/or a working report system, you would have gotten banned within hours.

If you are into this kind of cheating, we can do only so much to avoid you getting banned. You should make sure you are not watched and recorded.

Other approach contains cheating just a little bit, cheating in a manner that is not obvious to an outside spectator or even cheating on the level of being seen as a legit player even when someone with good cheat-spotting eye looks thoroughly into your demos or stands behind your shoulder, therefore avoiding the ban. We are all about this. You can be inhuman af, meaning your tracking and twitching skills will be inhuman or you can seem like just another pretty good and legit kind of player. Or you can just rage-cheat, be obvious while no one is watching. A little bit of risk can be exciting.

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